Like many of you, we’re passionate about giving back, contributing and sharing. Here’s where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to over the last year or so.


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What we've been up to

AgilityToday 2021 Festival, Feb 2021

Sarah leads and Sandy helps out, bringing some product curiosity and mischievousness to this wonderful community of Agilists in India. It's on 6th Feb 2021 and you can explore the program here.

Thomson Reuters - Executive speaker series, Remote, June 2020

Sandy spent time with folk at Thomson Reuters in the US participating in their Executive leader speaker series called “Transforming through Agility: Conversations from the Field. 


ICAgile Learning Outcomes, Remote working group, May 2020

Sarah and Sandy loved this one. Teaming up with colleagues at ICAgile as well as the likes of Jeff Patton, Michael Robillard and Jeffrey Steinberg, the group created the Learning Outcomes for ICAgile's Certified Professional in Product Management (ICP-PDM). 


ICAgile collaborates with Agile thought leaders around the world to develop learning programs that lead people to Agile mastery. These Learning Outcomes for Product Management are within the context of Business Agility, a growing and super interesting area.


Remarkable Product Sprint Mentoring, Remote, May 2020

Sarah and Sandy partnered up with our mates at Remarkable (tech incubator for inclusive and accessible product innovation) to mentor their latest round of startups. The focus was on setting up and focusing on product sprints. Sarah nailed it so they interviewed her as well


Agile Amped, Interview, May 2020

Off the back of the Business Agility Institute conference, Sandy sat down in this podcast with Alalia Lundy, Senior Agile Coach & Trainer with SolutionsIQ/Accenture,  to go deeper on her Agility work with Boards and organisations. If Sandy had to rate herself, she reckons this is one of the better ones on a Board’s Agility journey.

Business Agility Institute, Conference talk, New York, March 2020

Sandy continues to share the CHOICE Board’s Agility journey as she awakens to the realisation that an Agile or growth mindset, conscious diversity in capability and background of Directors, along with practical Agile techniques, is the trifecta for effective Boards. Watch the video for more on this trifecta or you’d like further insight into how a Board has liberated itself with OKRs. 

Agile Alliance - Unconference and conference talk, Christchurch, February 2020

Sandy shares her business Agility experience as a CHOICE Board director, this time with a balance between practical Agile techniques the Board adopted (eg: outcomes over outputs) and insight into a growing realisation that the mindset of Agility is more important for a Board. View the slide deck here

Agility and a Board - AA Christchurb Feb 20 v1-4.pdf


JAFAC - Conference talk, Auckland, September 2019

Off the back of Agile Australia, Nomad8 invited Sandy to share her experience at JAFAC 2019. Sandy starts to realise there’s something important and interesting in CHOICE’s Agility journey and has her second go at synthesising what that is. A marked improvement on her previous performance ;) … the deck is here and Shane at InfoQ wrote an excellent summary here.


InfoQ podcast - September 2019

Sandy goes deep with Shane Hastie from InfoQ on a Company Board’s role with an organisation’s business agility journey.

Link will be provided when it’s published.


ExpertTalks - Meetup Talk, Sydney, Welling and Auckland, August 2019

Sarah and our good mate Bethan from EqualExperts shared the stage in Australia and New Zealand on a topic that we’re passionate about: can one person do Product and Delivery at the same time? Using Hypothesis testing, they take you on a journey to prove or disprove if one person can do both Product Manager and Delivery Manager roles at the same time. With an increase in product delivery manager jobs advertised within Agile teams, this talk looks at what is expected of that role in theory and evaluates the reality.


Agile Australia - Conference talk, Sydney, June 2019

CHOICE Chair, Sandra, and CEO Alan, share early insights into the Boards’ Agility journey, focusing on practical Agile techniques (eg: OKRs, retrospectives) that helped with problems and challenges they have. It’s the first time they’ve spoken about this so there’s lots of angles, key messages, and topics in this version. Watch and read, without judgement :)

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