Who we are

Emma Sandra and Ang

We are customer-obsessed, people-focused problem-solvers, who love digital product management. We exist to help you get better at managing your digital products so that you can focus on creating customers who love your brand.

What we do

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We help you organise, streamline and simplify your end-to-end digital product management to achieve maximum efficiency and minimum waste. We enable you to create better products faster with less frustration and more fun. 

How we help

Visualise workflow with a Kanban board

We are experts at optimising your digital product management lifecycle: new tools, new processes, coaching or mentoring, re-organising or restructuring. We are here to enable your product management knowledge and experience par excellence.

What we got from the Product Space "was succinct, straight-to-the-point and easy to understand, just what we wanted. We'll work with them again for sure.


The odd insight or thought we've had from what we've learnt from the last 20+ years in digital product management.