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Sarah and Sandy join forces

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hi. We’re Sandy and Sarah.

Through our mutual love of digital product management, we decided to join forces.

Working together over 2018 we realised our skills and experience are complementary and importantly we share the same values and feelings about how we wanted to structure a business.

The power of two is more rewarding than flying solo right :)

So Sarah came on board, we've kept the name Product Space, and we’re still a product management consultancy but we’re now also a happy home for great people to come together and do great work. Sarah and I are now joint owners of the business.

We provide services in digital product management so in simple terms we're a consultancy. But we're a consultancy done so differently we thought it important to document our values along with everything about how we work. It's on github for any for anyone to read, contribute to, even download and use if you want. If you're curious about our model, take a look at our DNA.

Our schtick is helping businesses become great product-led organisations through digital roduct capability assessments, product coaching, agile training and leadership. Read more about what we do, or get in touch :)

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