Workshop design and facilitation

Every team needs to meet and solve problems together at some point. Well designed and facilitated workshops and meetings can have a powerful impact that delivers staff engagement, value and change.


Having a clear understanding of the purpose and objectives will ensure the session delivers successful outcomes on the day. Our experienced and friendly workshop and design facilitators create equal opportunities for all people to listen actively and contribute fully. We can also graphically record the session to enhance engagement and leave a lasting impression.

By bringing together a human-centred design approach, visualisation and unbiased facilitation, we create a memorable and collaborative experience that delivers value well beyond the session.

Benefits of working with us

  • 100% focused on the job to get it done as quickly as possible.

  • Tried and tested methodology used by design, product and innovation teams in the public and private sectors.

  • Experienced in bringing design thinking and collaboration activities to create engaging, fun and productive workshops.

  • Unbiased facilitation creates an equal platform for everyone with no hidden agenda.

  • We are seasoned professionals who have designed and delivered workshops for a wide variety of roles and seniority in both the public and private sectors.

  • We create an experience that delivers results and have fun along the way.

Our approach

Our sessions begin with the formation of a client Sponsor Team who works with our designer. They will contribute to defining the outcomes of, and the design of the session.


The client Sponsor Team and our facilitator will have a conversation about what problem/s the session is solving, what success looks like on the day and who should attend. Based on this understanding, we can design a tailored session to get the outcomes you are looking for.


Day of the Session

We facilitate the session for the day/s as well as capture quality photos of artefacts and people working. We can also offer a visual capture of the day for greater engagement during the session and for use afterwards.

Directly at the end of the session, we hold a short debrief for feedback and initial thoughts. 


Post Session

All workshops include a write-up outlining the “journey of the day”. This can be used for sharing so others have visibility and can share in that journey. Optionally, other outputs may be agreed upon in pre-session. This could include working with you to articulate and document observations and recommendations on actions to take forward.


What next?

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