Product Management &
Agile Training

Grow the next generation of your company’s leaders

We’re specialists in Product Management, Agile and Lean software development practices. 


We offer public and in-house training programs to provide your people with the skills and knowledge necessary to create highly impactful products and services that customers love.

Agile Leadership Programs

Having an effective and efficient organisation capable of delivering value early and often requires a foundational understanding of Agile values and principles, along with the practical skills needed to embody those values. We’re experienced Agile practitioners and can tailor an educational program to meet the needs of your Agile journey.


  • Agile Fundamentals training

  • 1:1 Coaching for ScrumMasters & Agile Coaches

  • Personal Productivity (Kanban for 1)

  • Leadership training and coaching

  • Fundamentals of Feedback


Product Management Programs

Whether you’d like your Product leaders to have consistent fundamentals training in Product Ownership or strategic Product Management, or you’d like us to assess and grow your Product Managers through personalised in-house training or coaching, we can tailor an educational, experiential program to meet the needs of your people and your organisation.


  • ICAgile accredited Product Ownership course

  • Strategic Product Management course

  • Product School for teams

  • Product Owner / Product Manager 1:1 Coaching

  • Product Owner/ Product Manager Competency Assessment & Growth Program


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