About Product Space

Welcome :) We’re an Agile and Product Management consultancy and community based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.


As Agile and product practitioners we love helping people and teams be awesome at creating and delivering impactful products and services that customers love. 


We also help leadership teams adapt and learn new ways of working so they can support their teams and organisations along their Agility journey.


And how do we help? Consulting, training and coaching.

Our people

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Sandra Davey

Product Coach / Org Coach

Over the last 25 years, across more than 30 digital (hardware and software) products across B2C and B2B, Sandy developed a deep love of digital product management and new ways of working. 

She’s seen the best, and worst, so with passion, humour, pragmatism and practitioner experience, she helps people, teams and leaders adapt to and adopt new ways of working so they can optimise the way digital products and services are brought to market.

Increasingly Sandy works with leaders unpacking the cultural, organisational and structural issues that block an organisation’s ability to create value for customers and the business. 

Sandy has been a Non Executive Director for 10+ years and serves as Chair of CHOICE and as a NED with auDA. She mashes her Agile and product craft with being a Board Director because she has a deep interest in understanding Leaders and Boards perspectives and supporting them as they embark upon their "business or  organisational Agility" journey. 


Her industry experience crosses telco/broadband and Internet, digital media, interactive TV, sport, libraries, social enterprises, membership organisations, industry associations and consumer advocacy.

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Sarah Kirkby

Product / Team Coach

Sarah has been working with digital products and services for the past 12 years, across industries including Media, Software, Government, Marketing and Adtech. She has worked on a number of B2B, B2C and B2B2C new and existing products at different stages of the product life cycle.

Sarah has worked with startups right through to medium and large-sized organisations and has developed products that solve a variety of problems. She’s an experienced product leader that balances business and user needs to set clear and valuable outcomes for product teams to achieve. She enjoys developing Product Manager’s capability, implementing transparent and repeatable product processes and coaching teams on how to experiment, measure and learn what works and what doesn’t before building at scale.

She enjoys working with Product Managers and product teams to help them rapidly innovate and improve the way they work, so they can make better product decisions and create the right thing. 

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Brendan Marsh

Agile / Org Coach

Brendan has been working in the tech product space for the past 11 years and has recently returned to Australia, after 6 years in Sweden, 5 of which spent at Spotify during their hyper growth phase, first as an Agile Coach and then as the Product Manager for Spotify’s desktop client.

Brendan is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations to accomplish their goals through working with and acknowledging the human side of work. Throughout his time at Spotify, Brendan has given talks all over Europe about Product Discovery and the Agile Coach role, telling stories through the lens of Spotify’s culture. More recently, he’s been working on a non profit, mental health startup on a mission to bring personal growth to the masses.

Brendan has an eclectic mix of skills and experience, having worked as an Agile / Org Coach, Product Manager and CPO. He’s worked on mature platforms with millions of users (like Spotify for Mac / Windows), blue sky innovation features (like Spotify Running), as well as in the depths of technical infrastructure, like native client architecture and big data.


From time to time we find ourselves being asked to help and we either don’t have the capacity, and in some cases, don’t have the right capability. That’s where our partners come in.


Like-minded, values-aligned, and with significant capability and experience, we draw on folks we’ve worked with, and trust. 


It’s a startup studio with a difference. Luke and Kim are industry veterans in the tech entrepreneur space and they use their execution experience, capital, and relationships to build valuable businesses that matter. We also happen to share their work home in Chippendale so we’re with them all the time. 


Mobile Experience

Talented in all things design, we’ve known our mates at Mobile Experience a long time. They do research, strategy and design for mobile and cross-channel experiences. If you need awesome UX for anything mobile or cross-channel, these are the folks we love.


Equal Experts

With global reach, these peeps know how to make software better by being experts at agile delivery. Whilst we play in product management and product discovery, Equal Experts play in product development and delivery. 



Our trans-Tasman mates live and breathe Agile, and help solve problems with Agile coaching and collaboration. Based in New Zealand, they often travel to this great land of ours. We love them because of their complementary skills, their deep experience in everything Agile, and their New Zealand loveliness.


Join our happy home

In simple terms, we are a consultancy. But a consultancy done differently, very differently.

Our purpose is to enable our people to be happy. We measure only one thing and that’s their happiness.

The way we think, act and operate is different to most consultancies. It's so important to us, we created a separate site to express it. Please take a look at our DNA on Github.

We love doing great work with great people. If you're a consultant looking for a happy home, Product Space could be for you, let's start a conversation.

We value


As partners, guides, coaches or collaborators, trust is is our default means of engagement.

Creative Thinking

Working with unknowns requires openness, curiosity and creativity.


We are kind and help those around us: inside and outside the organisation.


Continually learning and improving, both our craft and who we are as people.


To manage our own time and who we work with. We have autonomy to make our own informed choices.


We believe in the power of collective intelligence.

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