There are so many great tools to help you get better at digital product development and management, too many to list, so here are some of the ones we love the most.

At the Product Space, we're big believers in reuse and sharing so most of stuff we've listed here is in the public domain except of course, the books.


business model canvas

business model canvas

Business Canvas - This is a superb tool to help get your idea, problem, unmet customer need and your value proposition onto one page. It's the "business plan" of today because it contains the key things you need to think about to get your idea into shape.

You can create a Canvas or two for free and there's a subscription service and stacks of tools for those of you that want to go further. We love these tools so much we subscribe. More at

Clayton Christensen - This guy is the doyen of innovation thinking. He coined the phrase disruptive innovation and he's written on the subject for decades. We've loved his books especially The Innovator's Dilemma and The Innovator's Solution. If you're thinking about the impacts of tech and digital disruption on your business, his stuff is great. 

For Product Managers, his "jobs to be done" framework helps us get inside the heads of customers to understand what "they're hiring your product or service to do". It's a profoundly different way of thinking about your products and services and worth watching this 5 min video where he explains it. - The Institute for Design at Stanford University is a powerhouse in design thinking and they've got a range of free design thinking tools.  

Des Traynor talks about why Product strategy is mostly about saying no. Funny, thought provoking and actionable.

Des Traynor - Intercom. For those of you that work in product management, or want to, Des shares 7 mins about why "product strategy is about saying no".

Funny, informative and bang on, if you've only got a few minutes today and need a breath of fresh air, watch this guy. 

Kanbanfor1 - super easy productivity tool. It'll change the way you get through your workload; professional, personal, individual, team, whatever. There's a sweet overview you can read and our mates at Nomad8 sell physical boards or you can use a range of online tools like Kanbanery, Trello or Kanbanfor1 in the App store.

lean business canvas

lean business canvas

Lean Canvas - It's a modified Business Canvas for tech startups. 

The dude behind this, Ash Maurya, writes extensively on lean startups and he's rock solid. Google "Ash Maurya" or read his blog.

Lean transformation model

Lean Transformation Model - in this sweet video, John Shook of the Lean Enterprise Institute, takes a short 9 minutes to beautifully explain, visualise and articulate the Lean Transformation Model that's used by companies embarking upon some kind of Lean transformation. It's super worth 9 minutes of your life.

if you're interested in Lean and thinking about how it applies to what you do, there's a stack of good stuff at the Lean Enterprise Institute.

Steve Blank - some stay his book The Four Stages of Epiphany is the booked that launched the Lean Startup Movement. Either way, when it comes to startups, startup methodology, customer discovery, lean startup, this guy is up there. He could be at the top actually.

Long Reads or Listens

You can buy these books in multiple formats.

  • Atlassian Playbook - Atlassian
  • Crossing the Chasm - Geoffrey Moore
  • Intercom on Starting Up - Intercom
  • The Leader's Guide to Radical Management - Steve Denning
  • Organise for Complexity - Niels Pflaeging
  • This is Lean - Niklas Modig
  • The Innovators Solution – Clay Christensen
  • The Innovators Dilemma – Clay Christensen
  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  • The Hard thing about Hard Things – Ben Horowitz    
  • The Lean Product Playbook – Dan Olsen
  • Value Proposition Design – Alex Osterwalder


Short Reads

Agile, Lean, Kanban and Scrum: a sweet, easy to read article that explains the similarities and differences of these philosophies and methodologies.

Cost of continually checking email - Ron Friedman. Explains why multi-tasking does not improve productivity.

Dan Olsen - a super-leader in lean product management. 

Good Product Manager Bad Product Manager - Ben Horowitz cofounder (along with Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame) of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He's written an insightful piece on the difference between a good product manager and a bad product manager. 

Harvard Business Review - they write a stack of good stuff on lean, design thinking, innovation and product management. There's a particularly excellent article called Why Lean Startup Changes Everything - worth a read.

Lean Startup Co - Achieving Product-Market Fit. A must read for product managers, product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.

Roman Pilcher - a leader in Agile product management

What no one tells you about managing product - Rohini Vibha.