Lean Canvas: Product ideas on one page

A superb tool for synthesising a product idea or helping you nail a customer problem

The Lean Business Canvas is a relatively recent addition to a Product Manager's toolkit and in simple terms, it's a business plan or model on one page

It's easy to use and highly functional because it gets you thinking about your idea holistically, covering off the critical areas that any good Product Manager needs to know about. Canvas puts focus on the customer segment that you're going after and forces you to articulate and validate the problem you're solving (or an unmet need you want to meet) for that customer.

One of the best things about Canvas; it's a business plan on one page. Taking up less space forces you, as a Product Manager, to synthesise, articulate and validate your product idea and as a Manager, you'll read it because it's only one page! Less is more.

Manage your workload with Kanban

Too many things on your To Do list and they're not getting crossed off fast enough

Try a Kanban board. It's a visual work tool that helps you get more out of your day. How? It starts by getting you to reduce the number of things you work on simultaneously so you focus on discrete items, leading to increased productivity.

Kanban is a Japanese word originating from Lean principles that Toyota implemented on its manufacturing and production lines (and for which they became famous).

In short, multi-tasking sounds good but it's ineffective and therefore sucks. If you're like me and grew up handling multiple tasks at the same time, it sounds weird to hear someone say multi-tasking sucks. But it does and there's lot's of evidence to prove it. It's inefficient and ineffective for the sheer volume of work most of us have to manage these days.

kanban board for personal or work productivity.

kanban board for personal or work productivity.

lean business canvas is a great way to synthesise a product idea down to one page.

lean business canvas is a great way to synthesise a product idea down to one page.

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