The pain in getting a digital product or service to market


As the CEO or the COO:

  • There's pressure from the market, from potential disruptors
  • There's an increasing demand for flexible and responsive products from your customers
  • You're conscious of whether the organisation is equipped to deliver what's in the business plan
  • You're concerned with the lack of innovation
  • You want products or service in market, you want it to happen with high quality and without delay
  • And you want a return on the investment

You can't understand why almost every initiative doesn't make it to market on time and there's little insight as to why the business can't accelerate or scale.

As the Product Manager or Owner, you're the juggling:

  • 55 voices and opinions
  • A backlog that needs constant prioritisation
  • Attending a truck load of meetings that aren't resulting in critical decisions being made
  • Ensuring the product's features are what customers actually want

But perhaps your biggest concerns around prioritising a roadmap when you're not confident that you've done the right market research, the product is aligned to the company's objectives, or you really know what your customers want.


As a marketer or comms professional, you've got:

  • A list of the product's key features and benefits
  • A Go-to-Market plan with concrete dates
  • Promotions are scheduled

Yet no one else seems to understand the level of detail that goes into preparing for a new release.

As an operations or customer service professional:

  • The first time you hear about a new feature is when a customer calls or emails
  • You've got a truckload of great ideas from talking with customers, but no one's listening to you
  • There are always too many bugs to fix on existing products, (let alone think about new ones)

You wish other departments would listen to your feedback and include you from the get-go.


As the Head of Tech or the CTO, you've implemented some Agile or Lean and you've seen improvements in the way you work, but there's a limit to an increase in productivity and quality without the rest of the business getting involved.

To a large extent, Agile or Lean development and delivery either stalls or is restricted to your Team because the rest of the business continues to work in traditional ways.  

As the tech lead or dev, you're wondering:

  • Why the hell you're building this thing without the it being customer validated first
  • How the company can be 1/2 agile
  • How come you're creating the user stories
  • Why there's no useful data to tell you what's going on with products in the field

On top of that, you've been tasked with the job of looking after a stack of product in the field that frankly, should have been retired ages ago.

We all know the parts of the process that don’t work:

  • The discomfort of expressing a customer need in technical terms when you’re not a software developer
  • The funding came through late so you rush straight to building a solution when you're not 100% sure of your customers problems or needs
  • The inevitable delays that impact delivery dates
  • The useless meetings, or the breakdown in communications between the tech team and the business
  • And the list goes on

At the Product Space, we’ve experienced and heard just about every imaginable pain or frustration. If any of these resonate with you, we've got options that we know can make a difference to your business