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You’re here because someone I know knows you, and they suggested you come see what we’re up to...

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your precious time (especially when you probably don’t know us) to come here.

Product Space exists because we really really love digital product management and we want to help you or your organisation transform and simplify the way your products and services are delivered to market.

Why? Because during 20+ years working in Internet product businesses, we’ve tackled stacks of problems getting digital products or services to market. We want to share that knowledge and expertise with you so that we can help you find better ways to get products and services your customers actually want, to market faster, and with high levels of quality.

To help launch Product Space, here's a free introductory offer that:

  • Provides immediate benefit to you
  • Gives you a taste of two digital product management tools
  • Lets you to get to know a bit about us

For a limited time, we've got two complimentary offers:

1. One hour session on using work productivity tool (Kanban board), which dramatically improves efficiency and productivity.

Product Space Founder and Managing Director Sandra Davey
Kanban board for personal or work productivity.

Kanban board for personal or work productivity.

2. One hour session on business tool (Lean Business Canvas) which helps you nail a great product idea or business model on one page. 

lean business canvas

lean business canvas

Two hours, (even 90 mins at a push), is all it takes. No obligations on your part (I’m rock solid with product management, but a bit crap at sales so I won’t hassle you if it turns out you’re not interested).

Take a look at the free offers, fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

Worst case scenario? You learn something new and you give us meaning for which we are eternally grateful.

One last thing, we are new but we've already done work so take a look at our testimonials or the customers we serve for some added incentive :)

Thanks again,


Founder and Managing Director


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