Digital product management check up or assessment

There are some unique reasons why organisations find getting products or services to market both time consuming and painful but more often than not, the reasons are similar. We can help you unlock where the problems are, help you understand why they're occurring and what to do about them.

Check ups are available for a set fee.

Option 1 - articulate the problems

This takes 5 days and we'll help you unpack the pain or clarify the frustrations associated with getting your products and services to market.

The first step is to visualise the “jobs that staff need to get done,” and we do this by listening to anyone that helps get a product to market, understanding what process they use, the tools they have access to, how approvals work, who they work with, etc.

The second step is to visualise the “pain or difficulties”.

We use lots of sticky notes and wall space and we typically use Lean, Agile or Design Thinking tools.

The output: a summary of the pain points and insight into why they’re occurring which you can then use to figure out the things you need to change. 

We can write a report but prefer to provide visuals such as this one that we use from

Strategyzer's customer jobs to do, pains and gains

Option 2 - articulate the problems, show some options

This is typically takes 10-15 days.

Similar to Option 1, we'll visualise the "pains and frustrations" but we also work with staff to unpack the gains you can expect if the problems get fixed. 

The process may also involve evaluating the skills of staff, their roles and responsibilities and the product management lifecycle.

Once we understand what jobs need to get done, the pains and frustrations , we co-create a suite of practical initiatives and activities that address the problems. The critical point here is co-create, we do this with you not for you.

The output: we’ll summarise the pain points into categories, provide insight into why they’re occurring and visualise proposed activities / initiatives. These activities could be a targeted suite of initiatives, or they could run across a number of inter-linked themes. 

We can write a report, but prefer to provide you with simple, practical and highly visual actionable lists of the things to get done. We love using Kanban boards like this one:

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