Because Product Managers touch every aspect of the business they need to be detailed, tactical, diplomatic and driven. 

Being able to see holistically and be tactical at the same time are skills we continue practicing at the Product Space. We’ve also got a few beliefs and values we hold dear as well, so if you choose to work with us, here’s a what you can expect:

  • We are agnostic and adaptable: great ideas come from anywhere
  • We bring a fresh approach: we use our imagination, again and again (and again)
  • We practice less talking: by asking more questions and doing more listening
  • We’re lean: there’s no need for fat or fluff
  • We’re resourceful: we create reusable, repeatable resolutions 
  • We’re no nonsense and straight to the point: we get sh!t done
  • We work to earn your trust: as partner, guide or collaborator
  • We are kind and help those around us: inside and outside the organisation, we're committed to paying it forward
  • We're enablers: we encourage the potential in others
  • We're humble and honest: we don’t know everything
  • We laugh and giggle a lot