Experienced product people know their limitations

We pride ourselves on our transparency. That means, we are the first to admit when we don't know something. So from time to time, we bring excellence in from outside to help us better help you. And you can bet your bottom dollar that if we think it's time for other skills, we will happily make those recommendations even if that means less business for us.

Product Space partner, Nomad8

Product Space partner, Nomad8


Nomad8 – our mates at Agile practice Nomad8 are brilliant at all things Agile and Lean. From scrum and team coaching to setting up cross-functional teams, they’re honest, hard-working, kind, fun, and top notch at what they do.  These folks are also supremely good at helping senior leaders with the different ways of working that agile, lean and design thinking create for our businesses. And, they have the same mantra as us … “make people happy, get sh!t done”. 

Product Space partner, Brainmates

Brainmates – there’s little by way of excellent product management training in Australia, so for staff development, send your peeps to these guys. They know product management inside out, they’re accessible, they’re kind too, and they’re wonderful hosts.

25Fifteen - is a startup studio run by by a couple of blokes I know: entrepreneurs and industry veterans. They use their execution experience, capital, and relationships to build startups that can reach a profitable exit. They’re a company of builders, and they’ve got a building, so Product Space lives there and we use their skills when there’s something they can do that we can’t.